The Itas Law Tech team

A team of legal professionals and digital transformation experts for the implementation of innovative projects

Our team

Innovation and technology need professionalism and values. This is why our team is made up of professional lawyers and a digital department made up of specialised and vertical figures in the tech sector.

Bernardini Mattia Bernardini Mattia

Bernardini Mattia

Cesari Gabriella Cesari Gabriella

Cesari Gabriella

Codroico Andrea Codroico Andrea

Codroico Andrea

Dall’O’ Elena Dall’O’ Elena

Dall’O’ Elena

Delton Andrea Delton Andrea

Delton Andrea

De Santis Fabrizio De Santis Fabrizio

De Santis Fabrizio

Girardi Andrea Girardi Andrea

Girardi Andrea

Gravili Antonio Gravili Antonio

Gravili Antonio

Mantini Marco Mantini Marco

Mantini Marco

Mazzoldi Marco Mazzoldi Marco

Mazzoldi Marco

Morat Claudio Morat Claudio

Morat Claudio

Polito Anna Polito Anna

Polito Anna

Schiavone Fabiana Schiavone Fabiana

Schiavone Fabiana

Silvi Alessandro Silvi Alessandro

Silvi Alessandro

Ternullo Vincenzo Ternullo Vincenzo

Ternullo Vincenzo

Traverso Francesco Traverso Francesco

Traverso Francesco

Triolo Carmen Triolo Carmen

Triolo Carmen

Zeni Tiziana Zeni Tiziana

Zeni Tiziana


Board of Directors

Giuseppe Consoli Chairman

Andrea Girardi Chief Executive Officer

Laura Galas Director

Marco Mantini Director

Board of Statutory Auditors 

Norbert Bonvecchio Chairman

Luciano Maistri Member of the Board of Statutory Auditors

Alessandro Dalmonego Member of the Board of Statutory Auditors


KPMG S.p.a.

Digital Department

Andrea Delton CInO & COO

Administration – Finance – Controlling

Claudio Morat CFO