ILT LAB benefit company

Consultancy, transformation, and inclusion for the digital development of enterprises

The value of Corporate Social Responsibility: ITAS Law Tech involves in its project a consulting company for technological

ILT LAB Società Benefit is a digital transformation consultancy company that completes the corporate structure of Itas Law Tech. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are just some of the innovative tools that ILT LAB introduces in Itas Law Tech, to develop strategic projects of operation and decision-making in the legal field, always with a particular orientation to the pursuit of the common good.

ILT LAB’s innovative tools for digital transformation

The focus of ILT LAB is the digital transformation of companies to improve their market positioning. Using innovative tools such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and data mining, ILT LAB develops solutions and processes for the digital development of companies, aimed at improving their efficiency and results in a concrete and measurable way:

  • optimising business workflows
  • identifying new opportunities in their market
  • always taking into account the social context in which they live.

A value for ILT LAB: the pursuit of common good

ILT LAB offers a concrete support not only to the digitization of companies in order to pursue an economic goal, but also to create a positive return for the community, – i.e., for the people, the environment, and the wider community – in a transparent and responsible way, through the implementation of sustainability, mutuality, and diversity inclusion projects.