Why Itas Law Tech was created

Innovation and new technologies for cutting-edge legal advice.

Professionalism and digitalisation combine in our multidisciplinary law firm to offer speed, specialisation, and quality to all our clients.

ILT was born from a shared challenge of a heterogeneous group of professionals seeking to raise and streamline the quality of legal activities through technology.

Legal services based on a multidisciplinary approach

Itas Law Tech is a general partnership amongst lawyers and aims to offer a legal service based on a multidisciplinary logic, through different departments characterised by vertical competences specialised in each field of law, addressed not only to the business world, but also to Private Citizens.

A Law Tech Company for a future-oriented legal service

For us, being a Law Tech Company means combining the use of innovative, high-tech tools, processes, and services to provide the best possible legal assistance. This approach allows us to satisfy the need for efficiency and immediacy of our time, without compromising on the quality of the service provided and the professional standing of our professionals.

Excellent technological resources for a fast and accessible service

Our qualified legal team and the state-of-the-art operational and analytical tools we use allow us to respond quickly and accurately to the requests of all our clients as well as to simplify and economise the client’s use of our services.